A Message From Our CEO About Giving Back

We got the opportunity to sit down and chat with our CEO and discuss his experience about his recent trips to Belize.
“One of my biggest takeaways while spending time at Liberty Children’s Home is that we have so much opportunity in this country that not everyone in the world gets or has access to and a lot of us take that for granted.
IMG_2877Spending time there has really given me perspective on what truly matters and what doesn’t.  It can be easy to get caught up, or frustrated by small everyday interactions or events  (EX:  fender bender on the way in to work, client meeting that doesn’t go well, wrong coffee order, etc)  that without perspective can really feel like a huge deal or drain a lot of your energy if you let it.  Spending time around the children at Liberty, who range from ages 7-18, that have had a far less then ideal childhood, puts that into perspective.  These kids have every reason to blame circumstances or to just have a chip on their shoulder, but despite all of that, they are appreciative, loving, grateful, caring, and optimistic.   That alone is refreshing!
You can show gratitude no matter what the circumstances are (I believe you will see and get more of the things you take the time to show gratitude for) and it’s your attitude, your outlook, your effort, and your decisions that determine where you go in life & business, not your circumstances. Whenever we catch ourselves feeling sorry for ourselves or blaming events or market conditions, it’s important to keep that in mind and to remember that we have incredible opportunities at our fingertips.
On my first mission trip this year in February, here are a few things we did.
– We built walls within one of the living units to add individual room space for some of the older children.  Some insight:  the orphanage is under funded and over crowded and has 40+ kids living in space that is build for maybe 20-25 children.
– We helped the kids with their homework, as most of the kids attend school in the town/village of Ladyville where the orphanage is located
– We played with the kids.  We played basketball & soccer, their favorites!
– On the last day of the trip we took all of the kids to a water park in Belize City.  This is probably an opportunity these kids get 1-2 times a year so they were beyond thrilled!
On my most recent trip in April, in addition to spending time with the kids and fix up projects around the orphanage, we also met with several large food distribution companies in Belize working on reducing food costs and improving food quality for the orphanage.  We were able to make really good progress and I believe we will be able to cut food cost significantly which is a big win for Liberty.  It was really cool to be able to use the skills I’ve learned throughout my business career in marketing and sales to quickly land meetings with the decision makers of the three largest food distribution companies in the country, gain their support, and negotiate for competitive wholesale food pricing that will allow more donation money to go towards other much needed improvements at Liberty.”

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